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Word Counter is a free tool that can help you count the total word, character, letter, sentences and paragraph count in a text and easy to use.

One of the most annoying things in life has got to be when you are writing a text that must not exceed certain word count. It may be okay if the character limit is something around 1000 words but if it’s less than 200 words then that’s where it gets annoying. Writers often encounter this problem almost on a daily basis. Luckily, you can now rely on word counter web tool on the internet to help ease the issue.

What is it?

Word counter is basically a tool that can help you count the total word count in a text. You are faced with moments where you have to conjure up a text or essay that must not exceed certain word count more often than you realese. For example, an essay for admission, an application letter for an Au Pair or even when you tweet on Twitter. Well, the last one doesn’t really impact your life significantly if you mess up the word count because the worst thing that could happen is you won’t be able to post your tweet. But the consequence can be fatal if it’s for an essay for a scholarship application.

Many word counter tools are now available online for free thanks to whoever tech genius who has dedicated their time to help us in need! The My Word Counter is a fine example of reliable word counter online web tool that’s free. 

How to use it?

Since it’s a web tool, you don’t have to download and install any app. This tool can count not only words but also characters. This tool can also count how many paragraphs, sentences, signs and letters in a text. The fact that it can also count words and characters in different languages like Latin, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, French, Hindi, Greek, etc. is probably the icing on the cake.

Simply head over to the site and paste the text you wish to figure out the total word count of. Once you type or paste your text, the tool will automatically do its job. You don’t need to click any “start” button. The results that will come up are as follows:

  • Words
  • Characters
  • Unique Words
  • Sentences
  • Paragraphs

All of these will automatically show in the results so you don’t have to figure out one by one. This will save you more time especially if you have quite a lot of pages with you.