5 Tips for creating engaging content every day

Coming up with ways to interact with your audience daily can start to make you feel as though you’re stretching your creative capacity a little thin. Yet developing strategies to engage with your audience and keep them coming back for more is critical to long-term social success. Connect with customers for the long haul with these content strategies that will spur conversation and tell a story over time.

Create mini-campaigns from long-form content

Whitepapers, ebooks, and original research provide the material needed to create targeted mini-campaigns. For example, develop a short campaign where you share multiple data points, inspiring quotes, and insightful analytic soundbites from a presentation or infographic. Include a link to the long-form asset. In the process, you’ll share valuable content to your audience and drive traffic to your content.

Use Twitter polls and ask questions

Increase engagement by encouraging your audience to share their opinions, thoughts, and views. Use Twitter polls or ask an open-ended question. Invite your audiences to engage with you by asking insightful and timely questions. Ask questions to tap into the collective curiosity of people interested in your space. Share the results with your audience or Retweet the most interesting answers.

Go cross-channel by mining your other content

Think of your Twitter feed as a way to showcase your brand narrative over time. Share current and past blog posts, positive brand news, industry events and research, and highlight customer case studies. The content you’re producing for other channels can be strategically repurposed with your Twitter audience in mind. Fresh happenings and revisiting evergreen topics creates an interesting mix for audiences following your brand.

Include visual assets in your Tweets

People are three times more likely to engage with Tweets that include visual content.* Today’s audiences are hungry for a visual experience. Include video, images, and GIFs to your Tweets. Visual content captures people’s attention when they’re scrolling through the feed and encourages deeper engagement.

Develop a themed content series

Develop a content series that you can create new content for over time, linking together multiple tweets around a common theme. Some examples include:

  • Highlighting your customers
  • Sharing surprising facts about your industry
  • Profiling leaders in your space
  • Introducing employees
  • Providing quick how-to tips in your space
  • Showcasing moments in the history in your industry or related to your products or services

Creating a great content strategy that’s always on and showcases your brand requires planning. Pull inspiration from different sources and look for a mix of opportunities to create content in advance and react to what’s happening in real time. By pulling inspiration from multiple sources, you’ll keep your content fresh and audiences engaged.

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