5 articles to help you craft the perfect Twitter Video strategy

More than ever, video is the way that people want to consume content. Whether it’s GIFs, live streaming premium content, highlight clips, Periscope and the ability to go live straight from Twitter and in 360 degrees, video has transformed the way people express themselves on Twitter and transformed the way brands are able to connect with their audience.

The possibilities are almost endless, but this list of articles can help you craft an effective Twitter Video strategy for your brand.

3 ways brands can harness video on Twitter

Integrate video into your content mix with tutorials, to tell a story, or go live with Periscope.

3 ways to incorporate video into your everyday content

People are seeking different types of content throughout the day. Learn how these changing states of mind influence what people are scrolling for in their Twitter feed, and how you can use video to connect with people effectively, depending on what they’re looking for.

3 reasons videos capture Twitter’s mobile audience

With 93% of Twitter’s video views taking place on mobile devices*, brands are learning to capture the benefits of mobile viewership, and exciting research suggests that incorporating video into your campaigns can positively impact a range of different consumer behaviors.

#TweetHour recap: How to incorporate video on Twitter

Business and brands on Twitter are using video in a variety of interesting ways. Hear from @HelloFresh, @stickermule, and @shedd_aquarium about their video tips.

#TweetHour recap: How to produce engaging video

Video format, length, and content are all key components that must be thought out before filming. Video platform @wistia shares how to produce engaging video that captures audiences.

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